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         My Background and Experience

I use a range of hypnotic and psychotherapeutic techniques, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), mindful approaches and more, to secure the best possible outcome for you. I sometimes describe my approach as holistic hypnotherapy, as I aim to work with the whole person, not simply the presenting symptoms, which are frequently an indication of something much deeper.

I have a diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP, a degree in Social Studies, I am a parent, have been a foster carer, worked in the public sector, volunteered in many capacities, been involved in business. My life experience is wide and varied, but fundamentally I am a person, flawed and imperfect just like you. All of this helps me to be a sympathetic, empathetic and effective therapist, all in strictest confidence.


My main areas of interest include self confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, panic and depression. In such a fast-moving, high pressure world, it is rare to meet anybody who has escaped the destructive effects of stress; for some, it can become incapacitating, physically and mentally. Research has shown that emotions and mental health have a massive impact on physical well-being, which is now accepted by medical professionals. Whilst it is not properly understood, many common, physiological ailments treated by doctors today have strong connections with anxiety - IBS, ulcers, ME, asthma, allergies, immune disorders, and many more; alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders; strokes, heart disease and cancer. Our very powerful minds exert all kinds of strange and wonderful influences over our bodies, in all kinds of unexpected and incomprehensible ways, upsetting our immune system, releasing potentially toxic chemicals into the body and creating hostile internal conditions.





                         So What’s Stopping You?  Are you simply making excuses?



“I’m far too busy, I don’t have time”...              “I’m not very good at that”...              “I need to sort this out first”...

“It’s not really that much of a problem”...       “I could quit/do it if I really wanted to”...        "I can't afford it"...


Sound familiar? Most of us talk to ourselves in a similar way on occasion, but when it prevents you from accomplishing what you want, living as you wish, being the person you know you can be, isn't it time to change the message? Can you really afford not to?


Unsurprisingly, we find doing anything outside our "comfort zone" pretty scary, because we have a natural, instinctive dislike of uncertainty, it makes us feel uncomfortable. We will often go to any lengths to avoid it, even taking actions which we know, deep in our heart, are at best ineffectual, at worst destructive and harmful - just so we don't have to feel the discomfort of uncertainty. This behaviour has been clearly demonstrated in scientific tests, which also indicate that fulfilled, successful individuals are those who still experience the same disagreeable feelings, but recognise and accept them as normal and carry on regardless.  And so the great news here is that you too have the potential to be like them - no big secret, no special qualities, no unachievable, unrealistic goal, simply possibility - with hypnotherapy as an effective support on your journey. You will never be completely ready, so start from where you are.


If you want to break down the barriers which are holding you back and make your dream your reality, now is the best time of all to let go of those excuses and negative attitudes,  to overcome fear and resistance, to reap the rewards and make a difference.

                                                          Make that change now – I look forward to hearing from you.



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