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The overwhelming weight of research shows that the single most significant indicator for successful therapy is the relationship with the therapist rather than the type of therapy.  In my experience, it is certainly a major factor, which is one reason I offer a free, initial, shorter consultation, in person or on the phone, whatever is easier for you, so you can make up your mind about me - I can only be myself, but if that works for you, you can be assured absolutely of my commitment and professional approach throughout.

My particular areas of interest are confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and the effects of stress, but this covers a vast spectrum of concerns, including phobias, compulsions, obsessions, panic, pain, addictions, confidence, self-esteem, anger and so much more. In fact, almost any condition can be aggravated by stress and anxiety - if you know that you struggle with certain situations, you will tend to worry beforehand about whatever you regard as the problem (e.g. blushing, stammering, clumsiness, inability to speak, being sick) and potentially make it more likely to happen. It is not unusual for something of this nature to build into a major social anxiety and become enough to destroy confidence or eventually prevent a person going out at all; sometimes, drink or drugs become the short-term "solution".  


    Hypnosis and therapy helps many emotional and personal concerns, I am happy to discuss yours.

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