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    How Much Does it Cost?


It can be difficult to justify the expense of therapy, especially when money is tight, and often those who would benefit most are those who usually put their own needs at the bottom of the list. So you may like to ask yourself - How will I feel in a year if I'm still here...or worse? What is all of that costing me? (and remember, costs are not only financial). With any therapy, the most significant factor is your relationship with the therapist, and the expense of poor practices and ineffectual treatments may be much greater in the long run. Your improvement and satisfaction have to be primary considerations, so my consultations are individual, approaches vary, and I will not pressurise you to continue if you are not happy. I appreciate that fees matter to most people, and I am always willing to discuss them.


I offer a free phone or face-to-face consultation, lasting up to an hour, to allow both of us to decide whether I am the therapist for you. You can decide finally once you have all the information you need and are under absolutely no obligation to continue.


I generally prefer to work to a 2 hour session, as experience has shown me it is more effective more quickly. However, for some clients, shorter sessions may suit better, especially if dealing with simpler, relatively straightforward conditions. This is something to talk about during the initial consultation. Therapy varies according to the needs of the individual, fees reflect this, but below are some guidelines:


1 hour session from £50 .................... 2 hour session from £80 ................... Block of 5 sessions (2hrs) booked and paid for in advance £350

Smoking - please contact me for information

I also offer group-work, talks and demonstrations.


Please contact me, I will do my best to help and if I am unable to respond immediately, I will get back to you as soon as I can.



           How to Find Me

                       Kings Cliffe is very accessible by car from Stamford, Peterborough, Oundle and the A1.

                        Depending on availability, I will always try to meet your preference for appointments.


                         email: bernice@seechanges.co.uk                                                                                        

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                     "We can achieve what we can conceive and believe"

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