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Before your first experience of hypnosis, it is not unusual to feel a little apprehensive, so let's talk about it and I am sure we can overcome any concerns. Hypnosis is really little more than a focusing of attention, a complete concentration of the mind, frequently followed by a feeling of relaxed energy. We all experience hypnosis daily, throughout our lives, such as when daydreaming ... or that comfortable, dissociated state just before we drift off into full sleep... or arriving somewhere without any memory of the journey ... or being distracted by a creative pastime without realising how many hours have passed. In a therapy session, we will utilise similar states to direct attention inwards, towards feelings and emotions, where the problems are rooted.


Without our knowledge or intervention, unconsciously, our mind is perpetually working for our protection and survival, absorbing and processing millions of pieces of information, all the time searching for solutions for us. Do you constantly think about how to breathe, how to move your body, how to react in scary situations, how to digest food? I doubt it.  Mostly, things run pretty smoothly on their own, but sometimes processes backfire or fail, wires become crossed, messages are unhelpful. When everything  works together in harmony, for our benefit, life progresses as we wish and we are creative, capable human beings; when it does not, there is conflict, and things go wrong ... which is where hypnotherapy can help…




                What should I expect?

Human beings are resilient creatures of habit, our minds and bodies have a curious way of reacting to familiar or similar circumstances in familiar or similar patterns, even when those reactions are not helpful or effective. Most of us share comparable ambitions and desires, although we may be deluding ourselves that everybody else finds life much easier, is more confident than we are, or has some special quality we don't, enabling them to succeed. It is a convenient story, but that's all it is, and we run it over and over, unaware of it and its limiting consequences. Everybody can reach their potential, to be proud of their accomplishments - and you will be amazed at where you can go, what you can do. With my help, you can uncover and discover those hidden possibilities.


Your own, specific, life circumstances make you unique…your upbringing, your experiences, your genes, your personality. So whilst many people have a phobia of spiders, it is unlikely that the original cause will be exactly the same for any of them. My approach is designed for you - to meet your needs, to respond to your requirements, with proven techniques and practices, adapted to your situation, lifestyle and resources, for the best outcomes. All therapy will be carried out with your permission and approval, in strict confidence, in a respectful, ethical and considerate manner.


Relaxation will form part of the treatment, which is important for most clients. The style of therapy will depend upon the nature of your consultation, which we will discuss at the outset. As we progress, I will continue to assess and modify, to check on your reactions and satisfaction, to accommodate changes or new discoveries, so you can be confident throughout of the best possible consideration and conclusion.

It could take only one session, although most frequently noticeable change begins after 2 or 3 sessions. Serious, deeply-rooted concerns can require 12 sessions or more. Many, many problems respond favourably using hypnosis and therapy.


(See  Is It For Me?  for more info)






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