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Case Histories and Success Stories





                                                              Below are some comments from satisfied clients:


Mr H, Cambridgeshire


“After struggling with anxiety, on and off, for many years, I finally decided that enough was enough and whatever I was doing to rid myself of this condition was not working. I needed to know the root causes, ways to overcome it and how, if possible, to control or cure its symptoms. I grasped the nettle and took a deep breath and contacted Bernice. I had my initial free appointment and found her understanding and incredibly quick to identify key areas of my self-image and life experiences which needed addressing. I immediately trusted her and honestly said I would give 100 per cent effort on my part to overcome my problems following her guidelines. With her astute appraisals and analysis, plus the use of methods which enabled me to rethink and see myself in a new light, I can honestly say I am amazed and delighted at  the results. I would highly recommend you visit Bernice if your problems fall within her sphere. You will only feel better.”


Mr L, Peterborough – Was suffering from depression, as he had done on many occasions over the years, but on this occasion his alcohol consumption was increasing and had reached an unacceptable level. He felt that demands upon him from others were unreasonable, but he had no idea how to change – alcohol gave him the “me” time and escape he so badly needed.


“Good news – it is succeeding ! I do need a lot of time to myself to even contemplate my ‘homework’ , but at least that’s becoming easier now. I know it’s important to do it, for me, and I will be in touch to see more changes soon.”


Mr B, Stamford – Wanted to quit smoking, had found hypnotherapy helpful before, and was determined to succeed for good. He was very clear about the advantages for him of not smoking (including marijuana). His long-term relationship was starting to suffer because his partner was unhappy that he never wanted to do anything. When he had stopped previously on his own, withdrawal had caused unbearable pain in his legs, resulting in sleep disturbance and eventual relapse.


“I did it – months without smoking, and no pain or discomfort at any time! I used to think I needed it to socialise, but I am enjoying life so much more, we do so much more. I feel like I’m seeing things properly for the first time in ages, and I’m much healthier. I am even drinking less because of it. I have recommended you to my friends – thank you.”


And a year later…


“Just to let you know I still haven't touched anything which can be smoked. I drink very little alcohol and have even stopped drinking coffee. So as you can see, when you want you can…”


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